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  1. This being the anniversary year and all I'm wondering if you guys have any experience with them and what you'd suggest. Not going to spend $1,000 but it does look like several are in the $500-800 price range.

    Any experience?
  2. I have a Kimber Gold Combat Series I (there is no series I, but when Kimber changed it they gave the new model a II designation) from the custom shop.

    I picked it up used at my gun club swap meet several years ago and have been very pleased with the pistol.

    You will find both good and bad comments about various 1911s that are available, including some of the Colts.

    While I've not been there for awhile, there is a 1911 forum where you can find all kinds of information (opinion mostly, but informed opinion). Do a Google search to find it.

    Also Culver's Shooting Page has a 1911 forum.
  3. The 1911 is honestly my favorite pistol design.

    For your price range I'd suggest the Springfield models, it really depends what you want it for of course.

    Some folks find them a bit bulky for concealed carry. I'm not exactly small, so plenty of room to hide a .45 for me.

    If you want the real Mike Hammer/WWII experience of course there's the base models they offer which are very close to military spec.

  4. Bang for the buck? I like the CZ take on the 1911 in .40 cal. All steel, no plastic but the stock grips suck so walnut is better. Lots of military types are now using this version of the 1911. My $.02

  5. The Kimbers are VERY nice, Got to shoot one a couple times. I have owned a Para Ordnance P12 limited and that was just the greatest thing for me. It has a double stack mag so the grip has a more rounder profile than the flatness of a single stack. Some like the flatness for carry but man some of those grips just did not feel right to me. The trigger on that P12 was almost the smoothest pull I had ever felt.
  6. 1911's are my all time favorite. Classic, robust, effective. My next 1911 is going to be one of the Colt Series 70 repro's.
  7. 73mountaineer

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    I have this one:


    Springfield GI Model in stainless.

    It's a great pistol, IMO :thumbup1:
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    This is what mine looks like

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  9. I just recently purchased a Remington R1. It's been a pretty hot seller that dealers are having trouble keeping in stock. I absolutely love it. Designed pretty close to the classic 1911 design it does have upgraded dovetail sights. It shoots great right out of the box, or at least the three my buddies and I bought did. The only problem I have with it is the 2 year warranty, I eliminated that by getting one with a Davidson's lifetime. As far as I am concerned it is between the R1 and the Springfield Mil-spec for best entry level. Don't let the guy selling you the 1911 try to sell you the Springfield GI model instead of the Mil-Spec though, there is a difference. While the GI model is also a good gun the sights leave a bit to be desired and are a pain to change.
  10. The Remingtons look good in pictures, but I haven't seen one in person yet. I've read some pretty good reviews on them online and they'd probably be a good choice. My only knock so far with them is the extremely large logo on the slide, but that's only an aesthetic complaint.
  11. Good place to start is size, slide length, single or double stack magazine, single/double action, sights, beaver tail grip or standard etc.

    If you want a traditional 1911, a lot of those options are moot, but there's lots of variants on the design. Knowing what you are looking for in a new pistol will help you narrow down the choices.
  12. +1 Definitely, it's all about you needs/wants. That's the great thing about a 1911 it comes in many flavors.
  13. Congrats on getting a 1911. Every red-blooded American needs one.

    Here's my Kimber Pro CDP II, but it would probably be more in the >$1000 ballpark.

  14. I tend to have a little more info that I hold back to see what people say right off the bat. :)

    I've been looking a little at the Springfield and Remington (first year run?).

    It's possible that in the next year or so I'll be looking into getting my CCP so this would possibly be a part of that.
    I'm 5'10" and about 200 pounds. I'll be 170-175 by summer and hope to stay around that size as it was a good size for me. I think I could hide the pistol on my frame easily. One of my reasons for looking at them is their relatively thin profile.

    Might head to the gun shop this weekend and take a look at some.
    Thanks for the help guys!
  15. Beautiful. Prefect size for CCW.
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  16. Unless I'm using a single shot hunting handgun I only shoot my 1911s anymore, the rest just sit in the safe. After 40 years I'm getting pretty good with it.

    If you want to stay on the low end of your price, the 1911s imported from the Phillipines are pretty good.

    But you probably don't want a standard GI grip safety- it will bite you. So you want a beavertail grip safety to prevent bite, that pushes you upward a little in price. You can have one installed for a few hundred or just buy a model that has one already, and that will probably have other nice replaced parts, like an extended safety. You want your thumb to ride the safety and that means an extended one.

    I have some older 1911s, a Randall, an el cheapo AMT that I love to use for Action Pistol just to prove it isn't the bow but the Indian, and a few Kimbers.

    My carry guns are an Ultra CDPII, and an Ultra 10II. I'll see if the pics are still in Photobucket.

    I wouldn't be happy with a 1911 under $1000 today, but there are lots of folks who are. BTW, a Les Baer or Wilson is probably WAY out of your price range, but they are superb 1911s. They are true custom guns. Guns from the Kimber Custom shop aren't (and I love my Kimbers, but it's the truth).

    BTW, if you're new to handguns a 3" gun is not for you. You don't say. A 3" 1911 is a very specialized handgun and is for the few, not for the many. It takes many years and more than just common expertise to use one effectively. That's just the way it is.

    In the pics you can see the difference between the area of the grip safety directly under the hammer. The Beavertail safeties on the Kimbers keep the web of the hand from getting pinched and bloody, on the SS AMT it's a more GI type safety and it can bite. I've been bitten more than once by it.

    All of the pictured guns have extended thumb safeties to the left of and slightly in front of the hammer. I shoot by making my thumb "ride the safety". Putting pressure on the safety while shooting helps tame muzzle flip. And the thumb is right there to wipe the safety back on when done shooting. When at the ready the thumb stays in place on top ready to wipe the safety to the off position for more shooting.

    All are .45 ACP

    The Ultra CDP II. It has a 7 round mag, but takes a full size mag that will protrude out of the bottom. But if you need a reload everyone knows you're carrying.

    The old inexpensive AMT. The rear sight is now a dovetailed sight. The rear sight broke during a match, and I couldn't find the top half, so I had it replaced. These can be had on the used market for under $300 I believe. Have it checked by a gunsmith before purchasing. This particular one has many 10s of thousands of rounds through it.

    This is a Kimber BP 10II. It's the full size model of my Ultra 10II carry gun. It's a double stack gun. This 1911 can have one up the spout and 13 in the mag. The 3" Ultra version has a 10 round magazine that fits flush but can take the full size mag from this gun for a reload. The full size magazine protrudes from the bottom of the Ultra when it's used in the smaller gun. Both like nickled cases or cases with a high polish, it'll jam (in the magazine where it transitions to single stack) if the ammo isn't highly polished. But with proper ammo is 100% reliable.
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  17. Been looking at the Kimber Super Carry Pro and the Super Carry Custom. Anyone out there own one?
  18. I've got a Colt Gold Cup Stainless Series 80 that shoots real nice.

    I've also got a (Gasp!) Norinco Commander length pistol that just flat out runs and runs.

    I had a Star PD that I really liked, but I shot it so much that the frame cracked. I've been leery of aluminum framed .45s since, but I bet there are good ones out there.

    IMHO, the jazzed up versions of the old warhorse are fine and are certainly a joy to own and brag about, but in a tight spot the GI style versions with the simple sights and the the sloppy tolerances are still as effective now as they were when the thing was invented, and that's plenty effective.

    Just to be strange, I've also got a S&W M1917 revolver in .45 ACP. :thumbup1:

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