1904 vs. Old vs New Gillette

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  1. There was the old Gillette open comb style way back when.

    Then the "New" open comb style came out. I'm not sure what the difference is except the "Old" Gillette design shaves me better.

    Then there is the Merkur 1904, which has the same head geometry as the other Merkurs except for the Progress, as my searches here have shown.

    Does this make it more "Old" style or more "New" style, if anyone has shaved with all three geometries (Old, New, Merkur 1904)? Basically I was hoping to find a modern open comb that uses the "Old" Gillette design.
  2. I have a Merkur open comb classic. Is that the Merkur you are referring to? I have the others as well. I've never really noticed a difference between the two respecting comb design but there are decided differences between head geometries. I've found some though not all of the "News" to be more aggressive with the blade sitting proud of the head in every one of them. A Feather in one of these can be a lethal combination. I speak from sad experience. I have however shaved with one old type moon tip open comb that was out for blood when combined with a Feather. My Merkur open comb (the only Merkur I now own) shaves more like the mild old types to me but YMMV. I do know that I can pop a Feather in it and not have to keep the paramedics on standby! :smile:
    Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks, that helps. I've gone as far as an IP in an "old" comb and found it to be aggressive enough for my needs. I didn't want to go past that.
  4. David,
    That's what I use too although the Derbys are another safe option.7AMs are also another good alternative. I've been so busy trying other blades lately that I had forgotten about them.
  5. From the Guide to Gourmet Shaving:
  6. Michael as always your sage comments are most welcome! I have to ask though are you a fan of the open comb yourself or more of a safety bar man? I'm an unabashed open comb lover as I like the way they stand the hairs up, leave a wee bit of lather behind, and since I've started paying attention to it, I like the feel of those teeth along my newly exfoliated skin during subsequent passes! That being said I'm not going to get rid of my straight bars!! :smile:

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