100 Derby blades + Arko stick under 8 bucks shipped

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  1. I have been dying to get my hands on a stick of Arko to try out.... but I dont need 12, and for the cost of one shipped (3-4 bucks) I couldnt justify it right now with all my other stuff I have to go to.

    However, I needed some cheap blades as back ups and to give to my groomsmen, and saw not only was the 100 pack of derby's cheap with free shipping, but included a stick of Arko for me!


    In the description it doesnt say anything about the arko, but there are pictures aplenty... and reviews talk about how they got the arko with it.....
  2. Great deal! Thanks for posting.
  3. I wondered about that, so I wrote to the seller about two weeks ago:

    [FONT=&amp]Q: The photo suggests this comes with Arko stick as well, but description is silent. Does it come with Arko?

    A: No, it does not. kind regards

    Of course, if you've already ordered it and it comes with Arko, let us know.

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  4. Be careful with 3rd party sellers on Amazon. If it does come with Arko and you like Derby blades, this seems like a nice deal though.
  5. I agree that it's a nice deal (if true), that's why I checked with the seller. At the risk of being trite, "if a deal looks too good to be true....."
  6. FYI- I ordered these and received them today. There was no Arko stick, just the blades and the razor stand I ordered.
  7. There was a vendor on Amazon that offered that but I believe it was around 8 bucks for the deal. I unfortunately saw that right after I order 200 derby's for 13 bucks....
  8. Dipped to just under $7 now! Getting really hard to keep myself from pulling the trigger...maybe if it gets to $6...or if they throw in a stick of Arko!
  9. So I did make the purchase. The next day they changed the pictures of the item to remove anything with ARKO on it. Before I received my blades, I wrote them expressing concern of the picture change and i it would affectmy purchase ad shipment, as I anticipated a ARKO stick. They said if the stick is missing (which it was), let them know and they would ship one out (which they did).

    Happy to try the stuff. I like the smell.... and it lingers. But I can see where people may think it smells funny/urinal cake-like.

    Happy with my purchase, but looks like they ont do the arko stick any more?

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